Decamot of the month

24 May 2016-What Goes Up

This Decamot was Inspired by the following Decamot items: unknown figure, director, parachutist, Scandinavian, hospital, table salt, clock, door stop, skylight, rake The tall Scandinavian was considered by many to be something of a rake. It was widely reported that he had blown his vast family fortune on wine, women, and cards. The rest, he joked, he had simple squandered. It was rumoured that he now owed millions and struggled to get credit. No one was surprised when he upstaged the grand opening of a new wing of the Louvre in Paris; it was just the type of stunt that the public had come to expect from him. As massed crowds were standing outside awaiting the start of the opening ceremony, a light aircraft overflew the museum and out jumped a parachutist. As he glided himself expertly downwards, streams of yellow and blue smoke started to issue from his feet. The parachutist was quickly identified by a member of the paparazzi with a superzoom lens as the tall Scandinavian. What surprised everyone was the gust of wind that blew the playboy off target at the last moment and sent him cascading through the skylight of the Attic Gallery of the new wing. CNN were soon reporting that the emergency services had been delayed by over 20 minutes getting into the gallery as the doorstop had been stuck fast by falling debris. But they finally got in to effect a rescue and got the man to hospital where the doctors were even now racing against the clock to save the life of the tall Scandinavian. ... Several days after the grand opening fiasco, the director of the Louvre called a press conference. It was with great regret, he reported, that one of their priceless works had "gone missing". Yes, they hoped it could be recovered. No, Interpol currently had no leads. Yes, it had been hanging in the new Attic Gallery. … Several weeks after the grand opening fiasco, it was rumoured that the missing masterpiece was sold on the black-market for an unknown figure. … Several months after the grand opening fiasco, the tall Scandinavian was spotted settling down at his favourite table in the Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco.