Decamot of the month

31 Mar 2020-Life in the Afterlife

Inspired by the following Decamot items:
Snowboarder, grave, Pendley Manor Hotel, satellite, sock, baton, microscope, Liam, colander, coral reef

For a professional actor, “resting” between engagements is never easy. It can be a cruel blow to a thespian’s self-esteem. For many earning a living in the theatre, “resting” is a euphemism for “REJECTION!”; an experience best avoided at all costs.

Many of the same emotional earthquakes occur in the literary world, culminating in equivalent psychological trauma, especially if you are a character in a DECAMOT short story and passed over by the author for a role in his next masterpiece.

So it came to pass that the characters, Emmeline Chance, her mother Sharron and Christabel Winthorpe Hayes, found themselves at a loose end after taking parts in LIFE CHANCES, the Decamot of the Month for March 2020.

They had last been all together in one place at the Pendley Manor Hotel which is why they decided to meet up there for a girlie weekend. It was an opportunity to compare notes and even benefit from some sisterly solidarity.

Over cocktails, each gave a thumb nail sketch of their lives to date, the idea being that they might uncover some common interests which they could exploit together, without the interfering all pervasive influence of their (male) author, who had cynically abandoned them to their own fates.

Emmeline began by saying that she had once watched a grave digger uncover a human scull when cast as Hamlet’s mother and waved a baton as Marin Alsop in a biopic about the singer songwriter Liam Gallagher; although her favourite role was being the only female scientist on an expedition to examine the effects of global warming on the coral reef.

Sharron admitted to having a mind like a colander; this meant all her best recollections simply slipped through, but she did remember talking to an animated sock when playing the role of ventriloquist Shari Lewis, who reputedly choked to death on a lamb chop.

Christabel admitted that her most uplifting experience was watching a satellite passing over the earth whilst performing a triple loop during a heat of the world snowboarder championships. It hadn’t ended well for Christabel. The author had decided that her character should end up in hospital dying peacefully to Schubert’s ‘String Quintet in C Major'. All three had discovered a shared common interest in music and set about combining their talents by forming a trio.

They changed their names by deed poll from Emmeline, Sharron and Christabel to Nisi, Absolute and Contessta and toured successfully for many years as The Three Decrees. Contessta Decree was the lead singer and the one who eventually broke away to pursue a solo career. As she said told Rolling Stone Magazine at the time, “I was never really committed to the concept of divorce but felt obligated to my fellow characters”

It’s a strange old topsy turvy world in which everything is inverted. It’s as if we are looking at the world through the wrong end of a microscope. That’s the Decamot world for you.