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Welcome to the World of Decamot: The antidote to writer's block; the enemy of the blank page.

o The Decamot Game provides the initial spark of inspiration
o The Decamot Writing Method fans the spark into a roaring fire
o The Decamot Experience takes Decamot on the road in the form of workshops for schools
o The Book of Decamot explains it all!

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Announcing February's Decamot of the Month Competition:

Here are a set of Decamot items to inspire you to write a short story for February's Decamot of the Month Competition:
* winkle picker
* house
* weeping willow
* mobile phone
* Nuclear Reactor
* bicycle
* The Cairngorms
* lighthouse
* teddy bear
* carpenter

Write a short story that contains all 10 Decamot items. To be considered for this month's Decamot of the Month Competition, submit your entries by February 26. Email your masterpiece to I'll post the best entries on February 27 and announce the winner on February 28.

Book of Decamot:
This ingenious book tells the story of how a simple family game, based on telling a story using ten unconnected words, grew into a unique creative writing programme.