A Sense of Closure? 05 Mar 2018

Just finished Gyles Brandreth's novel Jack the Ripper: Case Closed. I can heartily recommend it. He comes up with a very intriguing potential solut

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Decamot of the Month Winner for March 03 Apr 2017

This month, we're posting the winner in a number of parts. You can read Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Par

Decamot of the Month for March
February's winners 28 Feb 2017

This month we have joint winners, both excellent, but very different to each other. As so often happens with Decamots, the same set of Decamot item

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Special Non-seasonal Decamot of the Month Competition 01 Dec 2016

Today we're launching December's special non-seasonal Decamot of the Month competition. Here are the Decamot items for you to use:


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The Decamot Method Workshop and Training Sessions Launch 15 Jul 2016

On 28th June we successfully launched the Decamot Method: an innovative new teaching method for writing and drama. We also announced the results o

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Critical thinking and the Decamot Method 31 May 2016

The world changes at an incredible rate and with this comes the need for critical thinking - the ability to convert new information into reflective an

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What's in a name? 29 Apr 2016

Names are an important feature of any story, long or short. Some names are brilliantly chosen and stick in the memory long after the details of the

How Decamot capitalises on the 3 Cs 18 Apr 2016

When used as a teaching aid, Decamot capitalises on three elements of human nature which are essential to building a cohesive modern society – let’s c

Creative writing competitions you can enter now 29 Mar 2016

There’s an abundance of creative writing competitions open to people from all over the world, of any age. Some offer fantastic prizes, including publi

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