Talking Decamots 14 Nov 2023

Every so often we make an audio version of one of our Decamots. I like to blend in a little music too, and thus we have Talking Decamots. Here are

Talking Decamots
Sticks & Stones 13 Nov 2023

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me” is a mantra from my youth. It was a sure-fire way of defending against the taunts

Striking while the AI is Hot 13 Aug 2023

Given the impact that ChatGPT has had on the world since the end of last year, I'm not sure that I would choose right now to resort to strike act

The Hook Line 30 Jul 2023

Multimillion selling pop songs have all got one thing in common; a hook line which lodges itself somewhere in the brain but lurks between the vocal

Pastatistics 11 Jul 2023

On 1st April 1957 the BBC broadcast a three-minute documentary on its flagship current affairs programme, Panorama, trumpeting the success of the S

Grit in the Oyster 07 Jul 2023

I first discovered how pearls are formed when I visited the Jersey Pearl shop in St Ouen several years. They have jewellery arranged in large treas

I can see for miles and miles 24 Oct 2021

During the last month, I've been laying two patios in my garden, one at the top end and one at the bottom. In between them, I've used leftover paving

A Moment
Jumping to Conclusions 24 Jul 2021

Click here to listen to Diabolical Variations, a Talking Decamot that warns

Talking Decamot
They Think the Wait is Nearly All Over 11 Jul 2021

Click here to listen to The Magic of Theatre, a Talking Decamot that anticip

Talking Decamot
Norman's Wisdom 19 Jun 2021

Click here to listen to The Apartment Block Evangelist, a talking

Talking Decamot
Something's Rotten in the State of Texas 05 Jun 2021

Click here to listen to Sibling Rivalry, a talking Decamot that begs the question

Talking Decamot
A Pair of Related Talking Decamots 02 Apr 2021

As an Easter treat, we have two new Talking Decamot offerings. Time Well Spent and Talking Decamot

Our 6th Talking Decamot takes you on a Journey Westwards 31 Mar 2021

Click here to listen to Leif's Motif and join a man on a quest to the West. This is t

Talking Decamot
A Pre-Easter Talking Decamot 28 Mar 2021

Click here to listen to Holly Goes Lightly, a Decamot in which Holly rediscove

Talking Decamot
Another Talking Decamot for your listening pleasure 07 Mar 2021

Click here to listen to Serenade for Strings and Strangulation

Talking Decamot
The Third in our Series of Talking Decamots 28 Feb 2021

Click here to listen to The Perfect Shot, a Decamot about a young woman with a m

Talking Decamot
Another Talking Decamot 27 Feb 2021

Click here to listen to It's All Relative, a Decamot about a performer at the

Talking Decamot
Introducing Talking Decamots 14 Feb 2021

Click here to listen to Modern Times, a Decamot about a young man making his way

Talking Decamot
A Good Old-fashioned Comedy? 14 Feb 2021

I recently spotted a romantic film scheduled on a Sky movie channel, and with Valentine's day just around the corner, it seemed the perfect choice for

A reflection
What's in a name? 14 Feb 2021

Names are an important feature of any story, long or short. Some names are brilliantly chosen and stick in the memory long after the details of the

Decamot tips
A Sense of Closure? 05 Mar 2018

Just finished Gyles Brandreth's novel Jack the Ripper: Case Closed. I can heartily recommend it. He comes up with a very intriguing potential solut

book review
Critical thinking and the Decamot Method 31 May 2016

The world changes at an incredible rate and with this comes the need for critical thinking - the ability to convert new information into reflective an

critical thinking, creative writing, teaching method