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We first took Decamot on the road in 2015 through our work with Robert Peston’s Speakers for Schools programme. We test drove the Decamot Method with a set of UK secondary schools and soon found out how much it can help students to develop necessary life skills such as creativity, competition, collaboration and critical thinking.

“Decamot sparks students’ imaginations and creates a real sense of ownership which keeps students engaged. The workshops enabled the students to show different sides to their personality and tap into previous experiences and feelings that they might not have shared otherwise.”
Caroline Barber, Queen Katherine School

Decamot takes participants from 10 items to a complete stage play or screen script, and leaves students with lasting cognitive and team-working skills.

There are three ways you can Experience Decamot:

  1. Teach yourself using the book, available from Amazon in hardback, paperback or ebook formats
  2. Invite the Decamot tutors into your school to carry out the Student Workshops over four two-hour sessions
  3. Take part in one of our-one day Teach the Teacher sessions where you will learn how to use Decamot with your own students

Decamot Experience Leaflet
Student Workshop Session 1 Lesson Plan
Student Workshop Session 2 Lesson Plan
Student Workshop Session 3 Lesson Plan
Student Workshop Session 4 Lesson Plan
Sample Stage Play: The Waiting Room
Sample TV Script: Helter Skelter

To register your interest in the Decamot Experience, to attend one of our Teach the Teacher sessions, or to nominate your school for a full Decamot Workshop, complete the form below or email us: /

“Doing the workshops made everyone really enthusiastic about creative writing, and provided a forum where we all listened to what everyone had to say. I would recommend the Decamot process and can see how I will be using the skills I learnt in the future in writing, but also in other areas of my life.” Student feedback

Teach the teachers session Student workshop