Decamot of the month

30 Jun 2020-Getting Stuffed

Decamot inspired by the following items: Rainbow, Mouse, Oaktree, Crane, Taxi driver, Lilly, Scientist, Towpath, Mobile phone, Watch

As he jogged along the towpath, measuring his strides carefully to chime with the musical run-o-meter strapped to his thigh, that his scientist nephew had asked him to test for him, Daniel Brown’s thoughts went back to the day he acquired his first brick sized mobile phone.

Somewhere over the rainbow lived a little mouse in an Oaktree who would never need such a clumsy device, but the rest of humanity might, so press on with the experiment dear boy! What are you a man or a mouse?

He glanced down at his watch and realised he would be late for his next appointment if he didn’t take action. He hailed a passing cab who pulled over immediately.

“Not a problem mate” said the taxi driver “If you don’t mind sharing with a Crane and a rodent who are on their way to book an appointment with a taxidermist. It’s all the rage these days in the Animal Kingdom you know! It’s all about self-preservation in these trying times apparently.”