Decamot of the month

30 Jun 2020-Somewhere over the rainbow

Decamot inspired by the following items: Rainbow, Mouse, Oaktree, Crane, Taxi driver, Lilly, Scientist, Towpath, Mobile phone, Watch

Somewhere over the rainbow lived a little mouse in an ancient Oaktree who was not feeling very well.

He poked his little nose out and sniffed the air. Higher up the tree a wise old owl called out to his fellow tenant

“You sound a little off colour Mousy; can I get you something for you?”

“What do you recommend Owly?” said Mousy who was surprised his neighbour had heard him at all.

“One crushed Lilly mixed with spring water usually does the trick” replied Owly glancing at his watch “Shall I ask my friend Crane to fetch some for you, as I wont be able to go out until nightfall myself”

“Oh yes please Owly” replied Mousy “If it’s not too much trouble, but I haven’t any money to offer”

“You must be under the weather, Mousy. Surely you remember all these remedies are free?”

Crane was the woodlands special taxi driver. When ever anybody needed help he was available to fly hither and thither.

On one occasion he went searching for a lost acorn because squirrel, who lived on the top apartment of Oaktree House, had forgotten where he buried it.

Crane took the call from Owl on his new mobile phone as he flew over the towpath along the canal

“Leave it to me Owly” he said. “My friend Ollie the Otter has plenty to spare. His cousin Beaver is a clever scientist who has just built a special dam just for the purpose. They are giving samples away to see if it is worth going into business as chemists.

Crane hovered above Mousy’s front door with a small vessel containing the special brew hanging from his neck.

Using a special spoon lent to him by squirrel from upstairs, Mousy transferred the crushed Lilly to his mouth. As he swallowed the nectar he immediately felt better.

Soon he was being serenaded by Crane, Owly and Squirrel singing … a spoonful of nectar helps the medicine go down.