Decamot of the month

03 Nov 2015-Ralf the Mole

Ralf the Mole Inspired by the following Decamot items: golf course, charity shop, mole, Catherine Wheel, dental assistant, TV programme, robot, whirlwind, curtains, footballer

There was a tall green hill in the middle of a golf course, and on the hill was a hole, and down that hole was a mole's home, and in a tiny little snug bed was a mole. His name was Ralf. He wore small green pair of trousers a patterned waistcoat and a tiny burgundy tie from a charity shop across from the golf course.

Ralf worked at the dentists who treated animals down the street. He didn't actually pull the teeth out or put in fillings, he was the dental assistant. After work he would go back and watch his favourite TV programme ,Catherine Wheel a famous squirrel gymnast who had won 2 gold medals at the Olympic games.

Half way through Catherine Wheel it stopped for adverts. One of them was advertising a new movie (for 16 and over) called Whirlwind featuring a whale who saved the ocean from being polluted. “ Looks interesting,” said Ralf rubbing his chin in thought “Might give it a go.”

After Catherine Wheel had finished Ralf turned off the TV picked up an animals'R'us catalogue and sat in his favourite armchair. He flipped over to the furniture page and browsed. He came across some yellow curtains decorated with robots for a children’s bedroom and a lamp covered with famous footballers Bernard badger, Felix fox and Perfect, Pepper Pekish pig.

Slowly, peacefully Ralf dosed off in his armchair his catalogue over his face.

Night Ralf!