Decamot of the month

30 Jun 2018-An Adventure Begins

Decamot inspired by the following items: javelin, policeman, universe, belt, Jack, forest, flag, skipping rope, Harrogate, river

Jack was born in Harrogate, the son of a policeman and from a long line of law enforcement agents. He could trace his family back to the Sheriff of Nottinghaam in the time of Richard the Lionheart. Jack had other ideas for his future, and didn't want to follow in the family profession.

He was physically fit, being quite sporty at school, and even held the title of youth champion in javelin for North Yorkshire. He regularly kept himself fit by exercising in his father's garage which was kitted out with gym equipment. His favourite discipline was the skipping rope, which he was proud to jump 200 times each evening - it made him feel like a boxer in training.

His ambition was to follow in the footsteps of Bear Grylls. He dreamt of possible future adventures. He had read all of Bear's videos and had read all of his books. He felt he could survive in the wild and was ready for the challenge.

One morning, he packed his rucksack with essential items and proudly displayed his hunting knife on his utility belt. The last item he packed was his skipping rope. He waved goodbye to his parents and set off for his adventures in the wilds of Yorkshire. His intention was to cross the Dales and Moors in record breaking time.

He set off as he meant to go on, by eschewing all forms of public transport. Whenever he could, he would accomplish his goal on foot. He would run, walk, or crawl. If necessary, he would flag down a passing motorist. But there would be no train, bus, or helicopter waiting to whisk him safely home. When in the wild, he would keep Bear's top tip in mind at all times: follow the river to get back to civilisation.

And so his adventure begins.