Decamot of the month

31 Jul 2018-Riverside

Inspired by the following Decamot items: estuary, firefighter, bat, windmill, rambler, jewellery shop, tank, apple pie, monorail, peer

Sean left the boat moored in the usual estuary, there was just not enough wind to sail any farther for the time being, and his ancient outboard motor was inadequate to undertake the journey that he had in mind. As a professional firefighter one may well think that he saw enough of water day in and day out, yet it was the City of London Fire Service that he had joined and they worked closely with the River Police. Sometimes it was a case of suspected arson, and at others a small fire reported close to a Bonded Warehouse which may have been set to distract attention from an actual robbery of gold bullion farther along the Docks, where owners of a jewellery shop might be staging a burglary scam.

On this particular evening Sean wandered along the tow-path dressed as a rambler attempting to not draw any particular attention to himself, and careful not to appear too nosey, as he tried to casually peer through the dirty windows of nearly derelict warehouses and dodging beneath the creaking arm of an elderly windmill. As he neared the city more modern buildings benefitted from greater security, once he had even spotted a tank, partially camouflaged behind a screen of evergreen hedging, but everything looked in apple-pie order. A sudden roar reminded him that a train was due to pass overhead on the monorail as he checked his watch, and then the message on his mobile phone as a dark shape suddenly flew close to his head making goose pimples rise on the back of his neck, thank goodness it was only a bat. It was time to move.

He began to ponder on the whole topic of migration, the whys and wherefores, what would make him embark on such a perilous journey? He wondered about the thousands that undertook it annually, and for what, the chance of a better seasonal diet, a chance to breed successfully? Maybe his fellow twitchers would have a view on the matter. Tonight’s treat would be a sighting of a Pied-billed Grebe along the well- vegetated shores of the nearby reservoir.