Decamot of the month

28 Sep 2018-Beach Huts and Bear Hugs

Decamot inspired by the following items: pier; Tupperware; trim trail; Sarah; fish; observatory; cave; train; cup; fan

At the end of the pier on the seafront in Brighton
There’s a magical place that is full of surprises
On one special day at the end of the season
A hook-a-duck stall offers goldfish as prizes

On that one special day nearly two years ago
A father and daughter stepped onto a train
A trip to the seaside was on the agenda
They’d packed up a picnic and prayed for no rain

Sarah, the daughter was full of excitement
She jiggled and wriggled for most of the ride
The beach offered more than a day at the play park
More than the trim trail, the swings and the slide

A day of adventure, of rock-pools and shells
Of sand dunes and deckchairs and maybe, if brave,
The ultimate pleasure
Exploring a cave

Father had carefully planned out the day
With a checklist for every hour
Kicking off on arrival with a ride to the sky
On the newly installed observatory tower

From the top, he had read, on a clear sunny day
You could get a good view of the Isle of Wight
He hoped acrophobia didn’t kick in
Which would certainly stop him enjoying the flight

After the sky ride, crazy golf was in order
Then find a nice spot to spread out their rugs
Unpack the food from it’s Tupperware boxes
And try to avoid eating too many bugs

In Brighton the beaches are covered in pebbles
Which might interfere with the things they had planned
Sarah could not bury Dad or make castles
A must on a beach that is covered in sand

They’d packed an umbrella, coats and their wellies
But also some sunblock, their hats and a fan
And knowing you can’t trust the Great British weather
Father had made a contingency plan

The museum of models and toys in the morning
Sea life later on which was always a pleasure
Turtles and jellies and seahorse exhibits
And fish swimming round in piratical treasure

After the beach they would hit the arcades
And then take a stroll to the end of the pier
Sarah would want to ride on the dodgems
And all of the coasters, that girl had no fear

Fish and chips in the evening (in paper of course)
At some point they’d squeeze in a nice cup of tea
And a huge slab of cake with chocolate icing
In a beachfront cafe overlooking the sea

At the end of the day, exhausted but happy
They’d go back to the station and hop on the train
Sarah would badger him all of the journey
Extracting a promise to take her again

A promise he’d willingly, easily give
As he loved her with all of his heart
And since the divorce he had missed her so much
It was miserable living apart