Decamot of the month

28 Sep 2018-Loose Talk

Decamot inspired by the following items: pier; Tupperware; trim trail; Sarah; fish; observatory; cave; train; cup; fan

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Sarah dressed then tossed the Waldorf salad as demonstrated by the Tupperware leader earlier in the day and glanced at the clock on the wall. Her husband Matthew’s train was due at any minute, but she had time to put the fish in the oven and prepare the broccoli before sitting down with a well-earned preprandial libation.

The Tupperware party at her friend Trudy’s house had been quite challenging even though it was mainly her peer group attending. Sarah was not a fan of girlie gatherings – she had steadfastly refused to join the local WI for example – but the official relaunch of Tupperware in the UK promised something extra; a chance to meet female entrepreneurs perhaps and forge new alliances.

The problem was that Trudy’s friends seemed more content to swap husband stories than discuss the economics of selling high quality kitchen ware. One kept boasting about her boyfriend’s prowess in the bedroom whilst another admitted her partner struggled to perform a pirouette despite having won a cup for ballroom dancing in his youth.

Whatever else a Tupperware party purported to be it was an observatory of human nature that’s for sure, thought Sarah, as the sound of the key in the lock announced the arrival of Matthew.

“Hi sweetie” he said with his usual upbeat tone “How was Trudy’s party?”

“Disappointing to be honest but more of that over dinner – how was your day?”

“We rang the bell a few times, but September is looking distinctly average. Still, we have a few days left and I’m confident that we will hit target”

“Confidence comes through extreme fitness is what one attendee’s partner claims” said Sarah laughing as she recalled the boast. “Mind you he sounded a bit like a cave man to me. Apparently, he once designed a trim trail for the Met Police whatever a trim trail is!”

“It’s a very demanding assault course” said Matthew “But I haven’t heard it referred to like that since I went through training at Lippitts Hill in Epping Forest in the seventies. The guy in charge there was a nasty bully but always insisted on calling it a trim trail. We had to carry a telegraph pole around a course which went through thick woods, across a mini river and ended by taking said pole over one of the concrete huts.”

“You never told me about that before” said Sarah not sure whether to believe him or not. “How many of you in a team?”

“Four” replied Matthew whose mood was visibly darkening as the memories came flooding back. “What’s this guy’s name Sarah?”

“I really don’t know” she said “but I can call Trudy and find out if it is that important - you look as if you’ve seen a ghost. What is it all about?”

“Have you ever heard of the Babes in the Wood murders?”

Sarah shook her head

“The bodies of Susan Blatchford (aged 11), and Gary Hanlon (aged 12), were discovered in a thicket of trees on Lippitts Hill, Epping Forest, after they went missing from their homes in Enfield, north London, in March 1970. The case has never been solved although someone serving time for another child murder did confess in 2000. He was subsequently moved to a secret location but some of us suspected this was a cover up”

As Sarah picked up the phone to speak to Trudy, Matthew began working on his alibi.