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31 Jan 2019-Kenny: A Leopard in the Urban Jungle

Inspired by the following Decamot items: Rome, pea, football, policeman, village, John, hospital, battleship, leopard, cushion

Rome is a huge city full of beautiful things but unfortunately also full of dangers. A Leopard strolling around the city in which category would you think would be? I bet for sure you are thinking danger ....but listen to this story and find out.

The Zoo in Rome on the 20th November 2018 was full of visitors so a perfect day for Kenny the leopard cub to escape.

There was lots of anxiety that day for the escape of the feline. As darkness fell in Rome things changed, the anxiety turned into sadness for the loss of the beloved animal, who, without the necessary care would surely die, would he not?

Kenny found himself near an abandoned old run down house and it was there that the tenant of such a hovel of a building, Francesco found him. Francesco lived by himself and was very poor but he had the biggest heart ever and this is how Kenny grew into adulthood and learnt to be full of courage.

A band of criminals known as “Paladini” came to hear of the Leopard and his poor owner. A certain “Fisty Hand” who was head of the band had been cunning up a plan to get the Leopard’s fur and sell it to a rich Frenchman but luckily he was caught in time by the Police. Five long years they had spent looking for the animal and finally off they went to capture it. Francesco managed to fight the officers off and Kenny got a lucky escape running off in the streets of Rome once again.

Kenny hid high up in a tree until he saw John, one of the police officers, returning to his apartment. John was a true animal lover in fact he had lots of different pets; dogs, cats, fish, rabbits and turtles. Kenny knew that would be a dream home for him to live in, he also knew that Francesco would be very sad so he devised a plan to go and visit him as soon as possible. Kenny entered John’s apartment through an open window and gave him a fright as he started to play football with two of John’s dogs. John fled for help and when he got to the nearest park he found himself face to face with an angry Doberman. The Doberman pinned him to the floor mauling ferociously, ripping him to pieces when Kenny arrived to save him from a fate worse than death. John was conscious but couldn’t move so Kenny knew he had to take him to hospital where he would be taken care of. He remembered that Francesco once had fallen and the doctors had come to his rescue and had saved him. Whilst John was in hospital Kenny had to continually escape from the police and Francesco was taken to the Police Station to be interrogated.

John looked for Kenny as soon as he was out of hospital, he had been wrong about the animal, even though he was still terrified of Leopards he wanted to track him down and at least thank him. Whilst looking John bumped into Marco, a colleague who revealed to him that once the police found the Leopard they had intentions of sending him to an American laboratory to study his intelligence having lived five years in the open with a human. John then realized how important it was to find Kenny and he searched and searched and searched until one day he found him.

He found the Leopard laying down on two cushions eating peas out of a tin, he was starving and very weak. When Kenny saw John he leapt up and ran toward the policeman. John found the courage to embrace him and hugged him closely. Together they went and hid in an old abandoned battleship near the port.

The next day the pair of them went to a small village near Rome but their nightmare wasn’t over yet as they bumped into and were attacked by 7 members of the criminal gang and “Fisty Hand” who still wanted the animal fur and hadn’t forgotten the all the trouble the police had given him at the time.

As luck had it, John had his stun gun on him. With the help of Kenny he managed to get the better of the seven criminals but Fisty Hand pulled out a real gun. As Fisty Hand pulled the trigger and the bullet left the gun, Kenny jumped in front of John to save him.....

The other police officers arrived and arrested the band.

John was in desperation after seeing his beloved animal friend sacrifice himself and returned home shattered and distraught. The next day John had a visit and when he opened the door he found Francesco, his colleagues and a surprise..... KENNY!! Given the courage Kenny had shown, the policemen had spoken with the proprietors of the Zoo and it had been decided to send Kenny to a Nature Reserve instead. Kenny said his farewell to John and Francesco who promised they would very soon all meet again.