I can see for miles and miles

24 Oct 2021

During the last month, I've been laying two patios in my garden, one at the top end and one at the bottom. In between them, I've used leftover paving stones to connect the two with a short rustic staircase. Earlier today, I watched a blackbird on the lower patio as she hopped onto the first step of my new patio stairs. She then hopped onto the next one, the next, and the next. I'm sure she would have hopped all the way to the upper patio had she not been distracted by a juicy worm halfway there! The worm had been thinking: "Ooo this is nice. I used to live at the bottom of this mountain until the giant started digging and then gently placed me all the way up here. If I stretch up a little, I wonder if I can see ... ?" Sadly, we'll never know!

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